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Downshift Hooks

Every React hook offers custom logic to build the kind of dropdown you need. If you need to build a combobox then use useCombobox.

However, if you don't need to type a search query and just have a dropdown that is actioned by a button (a select, basically), then use useSelect.

If you need to add multiple selection for any of them and have the selected items act as a Tag List next to the select or combobox, then useMultipleSelection is the right tool for that.

Breaking Changes in v8

Since version 8, there have been breaking changes to functionality and TS types. Check out the migration page.

Breaking Changes in v7

Since version 7, the useSelect and useCombobox hooks to support the ARIA 1.2 pattern for the combobox, which contains some changes from the ARIA 1.1 pattern. This brings changes in the API and the behaviour of useCombobox, detailed in the migration page.