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Downshift 🏎

Primitives to build simple, flexible, WAI-ARIA compliant React autocomplete/combobox or select dropdown components.

The problem

You need an autocomplete/combobox or a select experience in your application and you want it to be accessible. You also want it to be simple and flexible to account for your use cases. Finally, it should follow the ARIA design pattern for a combobox or a select, depending on your use case.

This solution

The library offers a couple of solutions. The first solution, which is the one we recommend you to try first, is a set of React hooks. Each hook provides the stateful logic needed to make the corresponding component functional and accessible. Navigate to the documentation for each by using the links in the list below.

  • useSelect for a custom select component.
  • useCombobox for a combobox/autocomplete input.
  • useMultipleSelection for selecting multiple items in a select or a combobox, as well as deleting items from selection or navigating between the selected items.

The second solution is the Downshift component, which can also be used to create accessible combobox and select components, providing the logic in the form of a render prop. It served as inspiration for developing the hooks and it has been around for a while. It established a successful pattern for making components accessible and functional while giving developers complete freedom when building the UI.